Choosing ceramic, porcelain, or stone for your tile floors

Tile flooring that is made of natural materials is durable and attractive. You can't go wrong when choosing a ceramic, porcelain, or stone floor for a kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, or other space in the home. It's a serviceable floor that is pet-friendly.

These materials resist stains and abrasion, and most brands are waterproof. Residents of eastern Illinois can find tile flooring at Kingdon's Home Center, a locally-owned retailer in Watseka. We have a selection of high-quality floor coverings and more.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic is made of coarse clay that is hardened when it is fired in a kiln at high temperatures. The tile can be placed on floors and walls as well as countertops since it is heat-resistant. Standard sizes range from 12 x 12 to 24 x 24.

Ceramic flooring can most often be found in solid, neutral colors that will not fade, even in direct sunlight. This clay-based material is porous, but ceramic repels water when it is glazed. Expect a ceramic tile floor to last at least 20 years.

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Porcelain tile

Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is made of fine kaolin clay. Porcelain is harder and denser than ceramic, and it is inherently waterproof. Colorful designs are plentiful, and some of the designs mimic other flooring materials like hardwood and stone. Porcelain tile is the most durable tile available. Skilled installers use professional tools to cut this brittle flooring affixed to a cement board with mortar. Porcelain tile can be installed outdoors in warm climates.

Stone tile

Stone is another natural material that is used to create beautiful floors. Marble, slate, granite, travertine, and sandstone are popular stones. Ground floor installation is advisable because of the weight of the stone. Many homeowners opt to install a stone floor in the kitchen. A hard, dense, and nonporous stone such as slate or granite is ideal for this high traffic area. Since most other stones are porous, floors are sealed when installed and resealed during their lifespan.
Tile from Watseka from Kingdon's Home Center

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