Hardwood flooring enhances any room decor

Wood floors can provide any look you desire. Wide, dark-colored planks enhance a rustic themed room while narrow light-colored boards elevate contemporary decor. Hardwood species range from perennial favorites like maple and oak to exotic woods that show off vibrant colors and rich grains.

You can find the hardwood flooring style that is just right for your home at Kingdon's Home Center in Watseka, Illinois. We offer trendy solid and engineered wood flooring from top manufacturers.

Solid hardwood

Solid wood flooring is available in unfinished and prefinished styles. Floors that are finished on-site require one week for installation and one week for acclimation. Planks that are finished in the factory take one day to install. Both types of planks are nailed to a wood subfloor.

Floors finished in the home have a flush look, while floors constructed with prefinished wood have a beveled look. Factories use more powerful sealers than on-site installers, so a prefinished plank finish warranty is usually longer than an unfinished plank finish warranty.

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Engineered wood floors

Because of its composition and design, engineered hardwood flooring can be installed in more home areas than solid hardwood flooring. This man-made floor covering has a surface layer of hardwood and a base composed of layers of plywood. These layers are placed in different directions, and because of this makeup, the flooring can tolerate moisture. Planks usually connect, so the floor can float above the subfloor rather than being attached to it.

The best hardwood flooring choice for your Watseka home

Unfinished boards were once the only type of wood used for flooring. Now unfinished hardwood is the least chosen wood flooring option. But it is still the best choice, and it's a good idea to consider this option, especially for large renovation projects or new construction. The floor adds to the structural strength, and with proper care, it will never need to be replaced. Seams are tight, and boards are well-sealed with this installation method. What's more, you can expect home buyers to be impressed when you sell your home.

Kingdon's Home Center is a locally-owned business that carries appliances, flooring, furniture, Schrock cabinets, and Sealy mattresses. We install the flooring we sell. Our experienced and efficient installation team can complete any hardwood flooring job. We provide service to homes in eastern Illinois, including the communities of Watseka, IL, Crescent City, IL, Iroquois, IL, Gilman, IL, Gilman, IL, Milford, IL, Kentland, IN, Onarga, IL, Ashkum, IL, && Donovan, IL. Our flooring specialists can assist you throughout your wood flooring project, so stop by our showroom today.